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Great Wine from our LAONA region winery

The history of Papaioannou family paints a portrait of wine making and trading which can be traced at least four generations back. The flame and love for wine making have passed down from one generation to another. At a young age Chrisis Papaioannou learned the business of grape growing and winemaking working on the side of elder members of the family, and he was fascinated by the stories of the elder members of the family about LAONA region being one of the well-known areas of the ancient world for viticulture.

Using the knowledge he gained in his youth, Chrisis managed the family vineyards and year by year increased the number of vineyards either by cultivation of new vineyards or by acquisitions. Today the family controls more that 400 hectares of vineyards that are used exclusively from the winery.

Chrisis began making wine from a young age using the grapes of the family vineyards. The winemaking ventures became more and more successful and that planted the seed in Chrisis head that one day he would revive the family wine business and continue the legacy handed down to him from his grandfather. In 2018 that dream became a reality as Papaioannou winery opened its doors.

We invite you to visit our winery, meet Chrisis, taste the wine and enjoy the Papaioannou family hospitality.