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The word «LAONA» comes from the ancient Greek word "λαγών", which means the lateral parts of the underbelly on both sides of the abdomen. In Cyprus, it is often used to describe the area between mountains or hills. At LAONA region most of the vineyards are located on sloping lands with south orientation and combined with the climate of the area affect the development of the vineyards. The soil characteristics, altitude, temperature, sunshine, rain and frost differentiate the quality characteristics and ripening of the grapes as well as the wine that arises, determining the Protected Designation of Origin " Krasohoria Lemesou - LAONA".

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The Vineyards

Our Vineyards, located on Laona region, are critically-acclaimed for wines of intense flavour bouquet, rich body and long lasting taste and aroma

The Heritage

More than four generations of wine making and trading


Our Family winery in Vasa Koilaniou is open for tasting 7 days a week from 10 am - 4pm.

Our guests take the time to slow down and enjoy the rich flavours of our wines and platters.

At our shop all wine labels are available at competitive prices